COP28 Main Topics

COP28 Main Topics To Be Discussed in Climate Talk 2023

Welcome to our discussion on COP28’s main topics that will be addressed in the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference. At this global event, representatives from different countries will gather to discuss various issues related to climate change. 

Some of the main topics to be discussed include agriculture, ambassadors, business action, campaign news, carbon removals, challenges, cities, and climate justice. These topics are crucial in shaping our approach to mitigating climate change and ensuring a sustainable future for all. Let’s dive into each topic and explore its significance in more detail.

COP28 Priorities

The priorities for COP28 with regard to Agriculture are expected to focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. Ambassadors from various countries will likely collaborate to create policies to help achieve these COP28 Goals. Additionally, businesses are expected to take proactive actions to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute towards a more sustainable future. 

1. Agriculture

The main point we need to discuss is what will be discussed at COP28. One of the topics is “Agriculture.” Because of extreme weather caused by climate change, there can be really heavy rain that takes away the top layer of soil in just a few minutes. This can ruin a farmer’s crops, hurt their living ability, and make the soil worse for many years. It can also affect the businesses that buy ingredients from these farmers.

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2. Ambassadors

One of the key themes is likely to be the role of ambassadors in promoting climate action and sustainable development. Ambassadors are essential advocates for climate action and can help build support for policies and initiatives that address the climate crisis.

3. Business Action

COP28’s main topics to be discussed include the ways in which businesses can contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting sustainability, as well as the role of finance and investment in supporting climate action. 

The conference will provide a platform for businesses to showcase their efforts and achievements in implementing sustainable practices and for governments to work with the private sector to develop innovative solutions to climate change. 

Through collaborative efforts between businesses, governments, and other stakeholders, COP28 aims to accelerate the global transition towards a low-carbon economy and create a sustainable future for all.

4. Carbon Removal

One of the CPOP28 main topics is carbon removal, which refers to removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to mitigate the effects of climate change. This is an important topic as it could help reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere and slow down the pace of global warming. There will also be debate on whether or not Carbon Capture and Storage is good to keep pumping fossil fuels.

5. Challenges

COP28 is set to focus on the many challenges the international community faces in tackling climate change. These challenges include reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing global resilience to climate impacts, financing climate action, and addressing the disproportionate impacts of climate change on vulnerable communities.

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6. Cities

Discussions will include how to make urban areas more sustainable, reduce emissions, increase resilience to extreme weather events, and promote the use of renewable energy technology.

7. Climate Justice

One of COP28’s main topics is Climate Justice. It refers to the ethical and political concept that seeks to make sure that the benefits and burdens of climate change and its effects are fairly distributed among individuals, communities, and countries. 

It recognizes that climate change affects different people and regions of the world in different ways and that those who are least responsible for causing it are often the most vulnerable to its impacts.

Climate justice is based on the principle of equity and recognizes the historical and current inequalities in global carbon emissions and the unequal distribution of resources and power. It calls for creating a global climate governance framework that is fair, transparent, and inclusive, taking into account the requirements and concerns of all stakeholders.

At COP28, discussions around climate justice are expected to cover various topics, including:

  • Mitigation and adaptation strategies: Discussions will focus on developing strategies that can help countries reduce their greenhouse gas emissions
  • Climate finance: The conference will explore ways to mobilize climate finance and ensure that it is accessible to developing countries that are most affected by climate change
  • Loss and damage: Discussions will center on the concept of loss and damage, which refers to the adverse effects of climate change that cannot be avoided or mitigated and ways to address the resulting costs and damages
  • Technology transfer and capacity building: The conference will look at ways to promote the transfer of technology and build the capacity of developing countries to address climate change