Global Warming

Why Should We Care About Global Warming?

When we talk about the “Environment,” we imagine things like trees, water, animals, and the place where we live. But is our environment really healthy and natural as it should be? Sadly, no. In fact, the level of carbon dioxide in the environment is increasing, and it’s harming human health. That’s one of the primary reasons we should care about global warming. In this guide, we’ll talk about why it’s essential to care about global warming. Let’s start discussing this topic in detail.

Reasons For Why We Should Care About Global Warming

The weather is getting different, and many people think we should use less coal. However, most folks have little interest in doing more to stop climate change. They don’t believe it will affect them.

Here are some reasons that might change even the least interested person’s mind

1. Sea-level Rise

A hotter earth’s climate will melt frozen water on mountains, Greenland, and Antarctica. This will add more water to the oceans, increasing their level. It is predicted that in the next 20 years, sea levels will go up by five inches. This means that cities by the coast, like New York, Washington, Miami, Houston, and many other places around the world, will be flooded during storms. 

Almost 40% of people in America live near the coast. Protecting these cities from rising water will be very expensive, and all coasts will be affected because the ocean works like a big bathtub. This is one of the top reasons why we need to worry about climate change.

2. Disease And Health

Just like how extreme weather events affect our clothes, it also affects how insects behave and the diseases they spread. Hot and rainy climates make diseases like dengue and Zika more common in the Southeast, while tick-borne diseases like Lyme disease are on the rise in the Northeast. Also, if you’re sensitive to poison ivy, be aware that it grows more substantial and potent in areas with high carbon dioxide levels.

3. Hunting

If you hunt or watch birds, notice how there are fewer animals as the climate changes and their homes shrink because of land development. Also, environmentalists may want to ban guns, but remember that if there’s no suitable habitat left, there won’t be any animals to shoot at.

4. Business And Profit

If you make maple syrup, catch lobster, run a ski resort, or make wine (and maybe some other businesses), you should be aware that the climate is changing. This could mean you will produce less and might have to move to a different area to continue operating.

Final Words

Let’s start to summarize why we should be concerned about climate change:

Burning fossil fuels gives us immense power, but it also produces carbon dioxide, a gas that traps heat in the atmosphere and causes the earth’s temperature to rise. 

This gas is invisible and odorless, and it absorbs the energy from the sun, making it more difficult for it to escape. Global temperature has risen 2°F in the last century, resulting in ocean expansion, sea level increase, fish migration, and ice melting. The land temperature has also risen, leading to glacier melting, extreme heat waves and droughts, and frequent out-of-control wildfires. 

A changing climate can worsen asthma and allergies due to heat, cause toxic spills from storm flooding, stress crops, and irrigation systems, and reduce nutrients in plants. These impacts affect our infrastructure, food systems, and daily lives. This is the reason that making a stable climate is vital for everyone.