How International Organizations Have Boycotted The COP28 events 

How International Organizations Have Boycotted The COP28 events 

The climate conference COP28 is a crucial event for many international organizations. Because it is the platform where nations and organizations come together, share their ideas, have discussions on the climate crisis, and lots more! This time, many organizations boycotted the event COP28. Now, the question is why? Let’s discuss the reasons and names of different organizations that boycotted the crucial climate event COP28. First of all, the event is taking place in the UAE. The country that totally relies on fossil fuels and aims to increase its oil production in the future.

Reasons For Boycott COP28

1. Insufficient Commitments

One of the major reasons to boycott COP28 is the lack of commitment of United Arab Emirates. Many international organizations argue that the objectives set in previous climate accords, such as the Paris Agreement, have not been met yet. 

2. Carbon Emissions And Fossil Fuels

International organizations point out that the host country of COP28, UAE, significantly relies on fossil fuels. It includes oil and gas production, which are the main sources of carbon emissions. These emissions increase the global temperature day by day. The boycotters argue that hosting a climate conference in a nation heavily dependent on non-renewable energy sends conflicting messages about the commitment to transitioning to cleaner alternatives.

3. Human Rights Concerns

We all are familiar with the human rights record of the United Arab Emirates. It includes the limitations on freedom of expression and assembly. The boycotters argue that hosting a global climate event in such a country with such issues may undermine the principles of inclusivity, transparency, and participatory decision-making that are integral to effective climate negotiations.

3. Ecological Conservation

Furthermore, many new projects in the United Arab Emirates have a bad impact on the local ecosystem. Ecological conservation is very important in order to save the climate from different types of crises. The boycotting international organizations say that these concerns should be thoroughly addressed before a nation hosts a conference focused on mitigating environmental challenges.

Boycotting Organizations

Different international organizations have decided to boycott the COP28 climate conference in Dubai Expo City. The reasons for the boycott are explained earlier. Various groups have supported the boycott of COP28. Some of them are mentioned below. 

  • Greenpeace
  • Environmental organizations
  • Human rights groups and advocacy organizations
  • World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

The boycott is not due to any personal issue. It sends a powerful message, putting pressure on the host country, the United Arab Emirates, to address environmental and human rights issues more urgently. First of all, it is important for the UAE to transition away from oil- production and fossil fuels and prove its commitment. It is important for the success of the climate conference.

The Bottom Line

The decision by prominent international organizations to boycott COP28 sends a powerful message about the urgency of addressing climate change and the need for a more robust and equitable approach. As the world grapples with the consequences of environmental degradation, the international community must reflect on these concerns and work towards rebuilding trust and commitment to collective climate action.

While the boycott may disrupt the traditional dynamics of COP events, it also presents an opportunity for a reset. A chance to reevaluate the effectiveness of current strategies and establish a more inclusive and decisive framework for combating climate change