Dubai Expo City

Dubai Expo City: Venue For COP28

Dubai Expo City is a project that embodies creating a sustainable and eco-friendly future. This cutting-edge smart city is designed to inspire people worldwide to come together and contribute towards building a cleaner, greener, and more resilient planet. This is the venue for upcoming COP28 climate conference.  

With its futuristic architecture and advanced technology, Expo City Dubai offers a glimpse into the future of urban living. From green spaces and residential units to co-working areas and more, this innovative city has everything you require to live and work in a sustainable and tech-focused environment. Join us as we explore all the exciting features of Dubai Expo City.

What is in Expo City Dubai?

Dubai Expo City is a part of the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan, which desires to create sustainable urban development in the region. It features a blend of new and existing infrastructure, with 80% of the original Expo’s infrastructure retained and 20% new buildings. The site officially opened in October 2022, and visitors can explore several exciting pavilions.

The Mobility Pavilion, known as Alif, showcases how mobility has driven human progress throughout history. Terra, the Sustainability Pavilion, promotes sustainable architecture, construction, and design practices. 

The UAE Pavilion, inspired by falcons, takes visitors on a multi-sensory journey through the history of the UAE, from its origins to becoming one nation. The Saudi Arabia Pavilion uses top-notch digital technology and a spectacular design to showcase the country’s natural wonders, art, culture, and scientific achievements.

The Women’s Pavilion is dedicated to highlighting the achievements of female change-makers. Simultaneously, the Vision Pavilion honors the life of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister, and Dubai’s Ruler, while delving into Emirati traditions. 

At Al Wasl Plaza, visitors can experience the spirit of coming together. The plaza, from Arabic “connection,” is a beautiful dome serving as a central gathering spot and 360-degree projection screen after dark.

The Opportunity Pavilion, which will become the Dubai Expo City Museum, will offer visitors the chance to learn about the previous event from October 2021 to March 2022. Additionally, other pavilions like Australia, Egypt, India, Luxembourg, Morocco, and Pakistan will be revamped for visitors to enjoy.

Furthermore, the upcoming Dubai Exhibition Centre (DEC) will be situated in this area, serving as a venue for various important meetings, gatherings, and conventions.

What is The Dubai Expo Famous For?

It features a wide range of daily shows and entertainment, including over 60 performances daily and an impressive selection of more than 200 restaurants offering top-quality cuisine. Visitors can explore 191 country pavilions and over 200 other pavilions that transport them to different worlds, each with its distinct atmosphere and attractions. Every moment spent at Dubai Expo is sure to be unforgettable and leave a lasting impression.

Offerings of Dubai Expo City in the Future

Expo City Dubai prioritizes sustainability and green technology, with 123 LEED-certified buildings and a car-free area by 2023. They promote eco-friendly practices, such as avoiding single-use plastics and utilizing greener transportation options like buggies, scooters, and bikes. 

They also showcase innovative urban development initiatives like MindSphere, Siemens’ cloud-based technology platform, to monitor energy consumption and efficiency. As a global destination for events, Expo City Dubai will hold the UN Climate Conference 2023 (COP 28) to address environmental challenges and secure a sustainable future.

Can You Live in Expo City?

Dubai’s Expo City will be a living, working, and recreation hub featuring a 10km bike track, a 5km running track, and plenty of green space. It’s part of Dubai’s Free Zone, allowing foreign investors to own properties. Businesses can benefit from green technology and innovative start-ups. 

DP World, Siemens, and Terminus are the companies set to join the area. The site will also include residential communities and leisure hubs, with Rove Expo 2020 as the only available hotel. Additionally, Expo City Dubai will be fully covered by 5G technology, the largest area in the world to offer this feature.

How to Spend a Day at Dubai Expo?

To spend a day at Dubai Expo, you should plan your visit in advance, arrive early, and list the pavilions and attractions you want to see. Take short breaks during the whole day to rest and stay hydrated. Take advantage of the daily shows and events, and try some of the delicious international cuisine available at the various food outlets. Finally, end your day by watching the stunning fireworks display before heading back to your accommodation.