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Expose UAE’s Hypocrisy with us

Let’s join hands to leverage our collective voice to convince UN not to hold COP28 in Big polluter’s Land.

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4 Reasons To Fight For #Boycottcop23

UAE, A Big Polluter

With 204.6 million metric tons of CO2e emissions, UAE’s unsuitability to host COP28 is reinforced, as a high emitter may not lead on climate change.

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Anti-Climate Policies

Among the world’s ten largest oil producers and fifth-largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the MENA region, UAE is not qualified to host COP28.

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Human Rights Violator

Rated ‘Not Free’ in Freedom in the World 2022 & ranked 138 in World Press Freedom Index, UAE’s bid to host COP28 is bogus.

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War Crimes in Yemen

UAE’s belligerence against innocent Yemeni people is not only against International Laws of War but they also committed sexual war crimes against minors and women in detention.

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Our Diverse Supporters

Meet our diverse consortium of Climate Protection organizations, Human rights organizations, and Climate Activists who stand with us in our mission to Boycott COP28. 


Join us in boycotting COP23 and demanding climate action