Unlawful Torture And The Perpetual Violation of Human Rights in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a nation located in the Middle East, neighboring Oman, and Saudi Arabia. It is a federation of seven states, and its capital city is Abu Dhabi. The UAE is known for its luxury hotels, bountiful shopping centers, and a wide array of attractions, as well as its role as a global business hub. Unfortunately, this progressive façade conceals another truth; the dismaying truth of human rights violations being perpetrated in the UAE.

Poor Record In Its Treatment Of Migrants

Human rights violations in the UAE have met with little to no meaningful opposition resulting in persistent infringements such as unlawful detentions and torture. On numerous occasions, authorities have arbitrarily arrested and detained citizens and resident foreign nationals including political activists and human rights defenders. Local civil and political rights advocates have been arrested and convicted in politically motivated trials.

The UAE also has a poor record in its treatment of migrants. In many cases, migrant workers have suffered low wages and employment conditions which include labor exploitation, passport retention, and extreme working hours. Many migrants also suffer from hazardous work conditions without proper safeguards being administered.

 Human Rights Watch has further highlighted the inhumane conditions in which migrant workers live. Some of the problems migrants face are overcrowding, obstruction of emergency exit routes, and substantial withdrawal from workers’ salaries to pay for the initial cost of their recruitment.

The UAE has also been found to be weak concerning the rights of migrant workers in the UAE. Reports suggest that every day, hundreds of thousands of people in the UAE are victims of exploitation due to their legal status. Although the workers do give their consent to the enforced arrangements, the truth is that they are not provided sufficient legal protection. This is because, in the UAE, those employed by employers temporarily have no protection against the conditions imposed on them. They can be put in situations of extreme vulnerability and coercion.

Discrimination With Female Citizens 

Women’s rights have long been denied in the UAE. Female citizens cannot travel abroad or own businesses without permission from a male guardian. The husbands even have the power to prevent their wives from working or studying. This inequality serves to open up female citizens and expatriates to a greater risk of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Attempts to legislate and implement measures to protect women from abuse remain weak, with little to no progress being made.

No Freedom Of Expression

The UAE has also made an unprecedented effort to stifle freedom of expression in their country. UAE authorities have charged and arrested citizens, residents, and foreigners for political expression, particularly if it is seen as a criticism of the government. The arrests and prosecution of individuals who have expressed dissenting opinions have led to general mistrust and fear among citizens.

The UAE continues to violate human rights and dignity. The need to stop such practices, therefore, is an urgent and crucial one. Quick action is needed to ensure that human rights are protected within the country. The citizens and residents alike must experience the full freedoms to which they are entitled as members of a growing and culturally diverse nation.

Record Of Cruel And Inhuman Treatment 

The UAE also has an extremely poor record of torture and other forms of cruel treatment. Individuals in the UAE are found to be abused by the police forces, beaten, and kept away from their families without access to legal counsel. 

Reports from local human rights activists have revealed that such inhumane acts are routinely used as part of interrogations. Such practices are far from assumed dignities proposed by international rights organizations, and once again demonstrate the UAE’s violation of human rights and dignity.

The UAE is no stranger to violations of human rights and dignity. It has been reported that numerous individuals have been subjected to a range of practices that go against the international norms of decency and respect.

 There are numerous cases where people are being treated as second-class citizens, with their fundamental rights and dignity constantly violated. As such, it is about time that the UAE changes its ways, and properly recognizes and protects the basic rights and dignities of its citizens and migrants.