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Press Release: Green Climate Fund Must Boycott COP28

As the world faces an unprecedented climate crisis, it is crucial that global efforts are made to address this issue. However, the upcoming COP28 conference in the United Arab Emirates raises concerns about the true intentions of the conference and the ability of participating organizations to make meaningful progress towards combating climate change.

Green Climate Fund: Role in COP28 

The Green Climate Fund, a global fund dedicated to supporting climate actions in developing countries, should not participate in COP28 UAE due to several reasons. These reasons are severe in terms of their implementation and could even lead to the downfall of the image and the credibility of the organization. Plus, the audience they reach out to, might feel hesitant on coming forward.

Reasons to Not Participate

First and foremost, the UAE is one of the world’s largest per capita emitters of greenhouse gases, with 90% of its electricity generated from fossil fuels. Although the country has declared lofty renewable energy objectives, it has not introduced any strategies that would facilitate the achievement of these targets. Such actions towards climate change should be a source of concern for a group like the Green Climate Fund, which is committed to curbing emissions and endorsing development that is climate-resistant.

Climate Issues in the UAE

Furthermore, the country’s heavy reliance on fossil fuels contradicts the goals of the Green Climate Fund, which is committed to supporting developing countries in their transition to low-carbon and climate-resilient development pathways. According to a report by the International Renewable Energy Agency, the deployment of renewable energy in the region could reduce emissions by up to 136 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year by 2030. However, the UAE has yet to implement policies to fully achieve its potential for renewable energy deployment.

UAE’s Human Rights Issues 

Aside from climate concerns, the UAE has a troubling history of human rights violations, particularly against migrant workers. According to Amnesty International, migrant workers continue to face exploitation, including forced labor and restrictions on several normalised aspects. Women and certain other individuals face systemic discrimination, with a few other activities being criminalized and women subject to discriminatory laws regarding marriage and divorce. Participating in an event hosted by a country with such issues goes against the values and principles of the Green Climate Fund.

President of Oil Industry: Sultan Al-Jaber

Moreover, Sultan Al-Jaber, a person majorly involved in the oil industry will be attending COP28 which raises further concerns about the intentions of the conference. The irony of having a person present from the very industry responsible for much of the climate crisis being present in a conference ostensibly aimed at addressing this crisis cannot be ignored. It is important that the Green Climate Fund does not lend its credibility and support to an event that resides with people who may have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo and obstructing meaningful climate action.

Results of not Participating

The Green Climate Fund has a crucial role to play in addressing the climate crisis, and participating in COP28 UAE would compromise its ability to fulfill its mission. By abstaining from this conference, the Green Climate Fund would send a clear message that it is committed to true climate action, and will not engage with events or entities that may undermine the global efforts to combat climate change.

Hence, it is important that the Green Climate Fund looks back at this history as well as the overall perception that will be perceived by the general public. To be put on the negatory side of the society and the audience that Green Climate Fund reaches out to, will result in a negative impact on the image of Green Climate Fund.