COP28 Logo

COP28 Logo & Branding For Climate Action Summit

The new logo and branding will be used everywhere for COP28 UAE. This includes the new website and Expo City Dubai. The annual global summit for climate action, COP28, now has a new official logo and branding. 

The UAE’s Presidency has revealed the Cop28 logo design. Now the question is when will this event take place? The event is happening in Expo City Dubai this year. It will start on November 30 and end on December 12.

At ADNEC’s Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed revealed the emblem at the COP28 booth. 

The globe has a spherical design with light and dark green colors. It showcases a mix of icons representing people, renewable energy technologies, wildlife, and nature. All of them symbolize the concept of living in One World.

COP is Essential For Action

WAM reported that the imagery shows humanity’s abundant natural and technological resources. It emphasizes the importance of innovation in all sectors to promote inclusive and transformative sustainable development.

The visuals highlight that COP28 is for everyone, uniting the north and south and involving different groups like the public and private sectors, scientists, civil society, women, and youth. This is shown through the use of iconography.

The message of COP28 is “COP of Action.” The design promotes this message. COP28 aims to achieve results in mitigation, adaptation, finance, loss, and damage instead of just setting goals.

Universal Message

Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, the COP28 President-Designate, stated that the new logo reflects the need for collaboration and cooperation to achieve the aims of the Paris Agreement. We live in one world and must work together like never before to make transformative progress.

COP28 will focus on action and include everyone from the global north and south. No one will be left behind. The UAE will host COP28. The objective is to reach a global agreement. We want to make more progress and achieve our goals faster. We need to step forward from talking to taking action.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we have discussed the logo of COP28. The colors, design, and meaning of the logo. The message of the COP28 president. The aim and achievements of the conference will be held in Dubai during Expo 2023. The dates and venue are also mentioned in this article. 

Furthermore, WAM reported that the new logo and branding would be used for COP28 UAE. This includes the website and Expo City Dubai. In January, the COP28 UAE Presidency picked a diverse leadership team to oversee the global climate summit.

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