COP28 And Human Rights Concerns In Modern Landscape Of UAE

COP28 And Human Rights Concerns In Modern Landscape Of UAE

We all are familiar with the modern lifestyle and lavishness of the United Arab Emirates. However, behind this lavish lifestyle, one of the critical concerns about the UAE should be focused on. It is regarding the country’s involvement in human rights violations and freedom of speech. This nation is also involved in various war crimes, such as Libya, Syria and Yemen. 

This country is criticized for its recent human rights records. Many studies have shown the violation of human rights in the UAE has raised the eyes of many other nations. One of the most critical areas to focus on is the lack of freedom of speech. At the same time, freedom of speech is a fundamental right that has a vital role in any democratic society.  

While the United Arab Emirates may be the origin of economic success, it has faced criticism for suppressing dissenting voices and stifling freedom of expression. The people in this country must follow different laws that the government implements on its residents. It includes strict control over the media landscape and online platforms, etc. 

Another essential aspect that should be considered about the UAE is the absence of a free press. Media outlets in the UAE are often tightly regulated, and journalists are refrained from expressing important things to avoid repercussions. The government’s influence over media content has led to a lack of critical reporting, hindering the public’s access to different types of informational data.

In addition to restrictions on traditional media, the UAE has also faced criticism for constraining freedom of expression online. Different Social media platforms are specially observed because these platforms serve as open space for different types of talks. All those natives who share their views about the government may find themselves. This action raises the question about the actual area of freedom in digital space

Many people argue that this nation stops political activism. There are no sincere political groups that listen to the people’s worries. So,  the landscape of the United Arab Emirates is absent from political groups. Those who voiced over the human rights violation suffer serious consequences. Due to this situation, people are unable to talk freely.   Because the fear of punishment stops them from discussing human rights accurately. 

Furthermore, the rules in this nation to treat women and girls are very unfair. People who stand up for human rights get tortured and mistreated. Many of us are familiar with the case of human rights defender Sheikh Mansor. He is in prison without basic requirements such as a bed, mattress, books, glasses, etc.

This behavior of the UAE also raises the eyebrows of many human rights organizations. There are many prisoners who are still in custody after completing their time period. So, Before attending COP28, one can not ignore this type of misbehavior in this country. 

The chances of actual progress of such a critical climate talk were already damaged early this year. Now the question is how? Because this conference is going to be held in a country that is at the top of the list of human rights violations. This country is still participating in severe violations of human rights

The international community plays a crucial role in addressing these concerns. Diplomatic pressure, public awareness, and engagement with the UAE government are essential steps toward fostering a more open society that respects the rights of its citizens. Ignoring the challenges faced by individuals striving for greater freedom in the UAE would be a disservice to the principles that underpin a just and democratic society.

In conclusion, while the UAE stands tall as a symbol of economic prosperity, it is crucial to scrutinize its record on human rights and freedom of speech. The lack of a free press, restrictions on online expression, and limitations on political activism are issues that demand attention. As the UAE continues to make strides on the global stage, addressing these concerns will be pivotal in ensuring that the nation’s progress is genuinely inclusive and respects the fundamental rights of all its citizens.